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Annual PEARLS Auction for Preeclampsia Research

The Annual PEARLS Charity Auction is scheduled for November 12
this year. Several artists including Charmaine Pike, Daniel Kyle and
Peter Godwin have already generously donated works to this year’s
auction, which will take place at The Sydn
ey Mint. More artists will be announced closer to the date.

years auction was the most successful in the organisation’s history,
with a staggering $64,000 raised. The PEARLS auction raises money for
vital research into the cause and the early detection of Preeclampsia,
which affects 1 in 10 women in pregnancy. The PEARLS research team,
under the auspices of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Campbelltown
Hospital are the world leaders in their field, working towards a system
of early detection through screening.

To read more about the great work PEARLS is doing, please visit their website.

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