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PETER GODWIN exhibits in London
Messums Gallery London: 9 August - 8 September

PETER GODWIN has rapidly become recognised as one of Australia’s most accomplished painters, and is now exhibiting in London with Messums Gallery.

This exhibition presents an extraordinary body of painted carborundum reliefs, on display in the UK for the first time. These extraordinary layered calligraphic landscapes grew out of Godwin’s trip to China as part of ‘The Painter’s Journey’ with the Nock Art Foundation. Wall-sized, these transformative works resulted from several months of endeavour working with a master printmaker in England. Immersive in their large-scale, the prints express Godwin’s gesture of line across the gallery space.

Call Defiance Gallery on +61 2 9332 8483 for enquiries regarding available carborundum print works on exhibition. 

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